• The report functions available on this forum are to be used for, and only used for, actual complaints and issues with the community or the services it provides. Any report that contains falsified information, is used as a method to slander, harm or embarrass another user, or is written with intent outside of the previously specified reasoning can result in consequences left up to the Administration of this community. Furthermore you agree that reports posted by you are in good faith belief that another player has broken the rules to such an extent that they should be punished or reported. You agree to not report someone without fully understanding our rules and regulations or knowingly doing so out of spite, and you will not report just to waste the time of staff members and/or cause drama. Consequences may include post deletion, infractions, muting, temporary ban, or permanent ban


We will only look at proof/evidence that contain un-edited images

Name of user:


The following is a guideline for every member who reports any users on the Forums at any time to follow.
We expect everyone to follow these guidelines as accurately is possible, because if the Moderators are going to be doing your reports, we need the information to be as CLEAR and READABLE as possible.

  • You will post in the format provided as written above
  • You will acknowledge that reports are to be taken completely seriously, and not post any form of nonsense in the reports section
    Every other section, it's perfectly fine to post something in nonsensical. Reports and Help & Support, are serious business
  • You will agree to the terms without debate, due to the Moderators NEEDING the crystal clear information from you to take care of how you write your reports in order to make it easier for the Moderators.
  • You will provide un-edited screenshots images proof of the before, during, and after regarding the incident, all sides need to be viewed before punishment can be fully justified
  • And finally, you will respect the Moderators for their decisions, even if they aren't in your favour
  • Proof must be non-edited material (thread reports)
  • When you make a chatbox report you have to provide a screenshot of the full chatbox, if not we will decline the report

The Moderators reserve the right to deny a Report if the user does not report in the proper format, and/or if the proof just isn't good enough.

Thank you for your co-operation everyone, and we hope this will make reporting easier for you all with these set rules.

,The Forum Moderators