Date of birth:07/02/1998

Languages (Programming and/or other):Java,HTMP,Php...........

Skills / Experience:I work on Java company For Web-designing and i work Some anther server developer so i have Experience......

Proof of work:
Custom maps:

1) BillyHouse: - Lightmap, soundstep, sky, box, smoke effect, caulk.
2)Snow_IceRoom: -Lightmap, soundstep, water effect, snow effect (el efecto de nieve no se muestra en el debug mode, pero si se muestra en un servidor de gunz)
3)Descend: -Lightmap, soundstep, box, chains, water effect, caulk, sound of chains.

Deca & Hind Map:

Old Aztec Map:

Is all proof of work your own work?
yes its my work i crated by anther Gunz i need to work this Fgunz So i ill show Some Maps.......

Closing:Thank you for reading My application and i ill show my hard work For Fgunz..........