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    Greetings Freestyle Team.

    I was redirected to this section so if it's the wrong one please don't kill me

    My name is Logan and I'm a second year student in film music and soundtrack production. I used to play Gunz a lot when I was 12 and I'm so happy to see that you managed to revive the long lost game once again.

    I've downloaded the new game and created an account and I couldn't notice the lack of the original soundtrack. I assume this is because of copyright problems. I'm thinking about joining the developing team as a soundtracker and write new music tracks for the game.
    I'm truly a big fan of Gunz and I wish to help in whatever possible to improve this game and make it greater than ever.

    I can send you some of my works to via mail if you're intrested. I believe that I can easily create some killer music tracks for ingame mayhem 🙂

    Best Regards!

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