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    Oh why hello there. I was trying to get staff's attention and I suppose this thread will do it.

    I was a dev here at fgunz 2 years ago and I honestly don't remember what happened back then.
    There's my old application:
    And I was developing some team run mode:

    Well, things surely have changed quite a lot now. I'm 26 and graduating in information systems at a federal university and by chance I remembered this game (was browsing youtube videos). When I watched some video there I remembered this game's potential compared to nowadays games and I decided to upgrade this game graphics (when I say graphics I most likely mean models and textures and some directx new stuff). Quite quickly I set up a local server and with a bit of research used the .elu and .ani importer/exporter from blender and started working and the gunz file read system. I'm currently looking into it (because gunz source is a great mess and I think drawing some flowcharts will greatly help). Well, as of this moment I'm not really interested in some position but more in bringing this game back into full life and attracting new players.

    I was really well received in this server in the past and I think it's a shame that *** gunz has more players. There'll be quite a lot of work to be done towards what I have in mind. My objective is to contact staff again and if possible work with the active programmers to do this.

    Even tho most player play on archetype config, UE4 has some very 'clean' graphics, something like COD BO2 would be quite clean for gunz players.

    In case fgunz staff gets interested, please contact me.
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