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    • No spamming, thread creators are subject to punishment and thread removal if the thread is based on spam. Also if threads are being spammed by any users, the users will be punished and will be thread banned.
    • It is forbidden to mention matters relating to other GunZ servers
    • Any serious racial or discriminatory phrases and words with hateful intentions are strictly prohibited in this section

    Any person who has chosen to be placed in this thread regarding the people who do not wish to partake in the Ego section give up their right to post in this section while also not have anything be said about them or use their name in any way in the section.

    If a user in the list decides to post in this section, they will immediately lose the reserved rights in this thread and will be removed from the 'Not Partake' list. If there is someone being caught talking about someone in the list will be punished accordingly, the punishments vary from; one verbal warning, if the user continues, one Infraction warning, then finally one infraction for trolling.

    Forum Moderators, and Trial Forum Moderators are allowed to post in this section regardless if they chose to put themselves on the Not Partake list, because they have control over all sections regardless.

    This Section is meant for people to let out some steam, ego, and flame all to a certain degree; any serious and unruly manner that does not follow the Terms of Service will not be tolerated and will result in punishment.
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    There has been a massive increase on personal comments towards each other in the ego section. This is just a reminder that the ego section does not imply that you can freely insult or harass someone. The purpose of this section is to challenge someone or show that you beat someone, not to provoke someone on a deeper level. Always follow the ToS. If you have a personal problem with someone then you will not bring it to this section or any other. Bragging about your score over another is fine, wishing someone horrible things in real life is not fine.

    Any comment made that's irrelevant to the game (personal beef) will be removed and the user will be warned/infracted.

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