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    Welcome to the Summer Freestyle GunZ Capture The Flag 3 vs 3 Tournament of 2018!

    * Capture The Flag.
    * 3 vs 3 (8 teams).
    * First team to score 10 flags will be declared as the winning team and move onto the next round.

    * A replay must be taken and sent to me / Raphael / Ommadawn (anyone of us).

    * You are not allowed to let anyone play the tournament for you, we can find out if you do that.

    * Both teams must agree on a map shown below:


    Incase both teams are having troubles picking a map then me / Raphael / Ommadawn will pick a map for you.

    * Any sort of insulting behavior will not be tolerated.

    * You may not post anything unrelated to this tournament.

    * You are not allowed to replace one of your team mates during the match.

    * No spectators aside from staff are permitted.

    * If anyone disconnects without a valid reason for the disconnection then the other person will automatically win. In case there is a valid reason for the disconnection, the scores prior the disconnection will however remain the same.

    * The [V] tag (vanilla) must be used.

    * No use of any 3rd party programs will be condoned. If anyone is caught using them, their team will be disqualified and his account will be permanently banned from the server.

    * E-lunge is not allowed.

    * No spiking/force-lagging in the match.

    *Any choice of clothing is permitted except avatars and donation/event/vip/tournament clothing.

    * No donation items are allowed.

    * Acceleration vials aren't allowed.

    *Donation/VIP meds aren't allowed.

    * You must equip the Rusty Sword or Rusty Dagger.

    * You must equip any weapon level 60 or below.

    * Usage of normal med, repair kits is prohibited. However, you may use Doritos, Bananas, Cheesecake, etc...

    * You are not allowed to use special items such as grenades, mines, smoke, etc.

    Spots: [8/8]

    * Fill up the following format in a reply below.



    NOTE: You must include your color name.

    * Once you have completed the entire match against your opponent player, it is mandatory that you take a screenshot of the final score (must be in-game) and provide the PM with a replay of the full match.

    * Send me / Raphael / Ommadawn a private message with this format once you have completed your match:


    NOTE: Do not send this to anyone else as it will not count - PMs sent to me / Ommadawn
    Raphael only.

    * Upload your replay to and your screenshot(s) to

    * You must record the whole match in one replay.

    Contact list:









    First place prize:
    You will get to choose between the Orange or Cyan Tournament Sword, Tournament Shotgun or the Snorkel.
    You will also receive 500 coins.

    Orange & Cyan Tournament Swords (preview):


    Tournament Shotgun (preview):


    Snorkel (preview):


    Second place prize:

    Each player will receive 300 coins.

    Third place prize:

    Each player will receive 150 coins.

    If you have any questions feel free to private message us here:

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