Name: Jordan, (Ign: FeirNox)

Date of birth: 07/30/1994

Languages (Programming and/or other): Gotta admit I've started but haven't learned a lot, 2 main focuses Were c++ and java, but I haven't been focusing on learning to much for I have been busy with work, life, etc. I've messed with a lot more including asm, javascript, c#, and others. I understand most syntax.

Skills / Experience: I have made a bit including maps, hacks (dll's, mrs stuff, etc), made my own test server at one point. I was a GM at a server that is now dead I think... ***** doesn't know what he wants to do...
only problem is I used to use gtk, don't know about other ways to make maps. I have used blender altho not to much and a long time ago, but I realize things like the vertex's, etc.

Proof of work: None, I'm expecting a auto-decline. I had proof of work from a while ago. but that nob mike flagged my stuff on youtube and it was taken down a long time ago.

Is all proof of work your own work? ... had proof, don't anymore.

Closing: This was all a LONG time ago, feel free to decline me. Could care less... I haven't really kept up with learning how to code/make maps/ DEV. I've worked with a lot of people including pluke, lone, witch, jet, mike, zxpwd and more I'm sure.. been playing for a loong time. I have a good memory, I'm a very fast learner, and I want to learn. I don't know much atm. I've heard you make maps with blender and 3ds max now? sounds interesting. would love to learn.

Life: Atm I am working full time, so I'm not to active. I have goals, with the main goal being to join the air-force.
Gunz is a part of my life whether I like it or not, it relaxes me. I admit I don't know too much but I want to learn.
I feel if I had a reason to learn, It would be a lot easier for me to learn. This might be a weird application but like I said decline me if you want, I will work towards my goals always. ask me questions.. I will answer with 100% honesty, or just.. 0x90.