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    Hello everyone, I am glad to see this community is still alive. GunZ the dual was a game I used to play a lot back when I was a kid. Few days ago, I visited the forums and the main website and was surprised to see the amount of people playing FGunZ, just like in the old days. I enjoyed FGunZ so much back in 2009 (even before as I remember we clearly had a forumotion forum and not a vbulletin one). I remember leaving FGunZ for one reason, SA:MP, back in the days I got bored of FGunZ, my friend had introduced me to SA:MP which I really enjoyed. I would like to give back to the FGunZ community where I had plenty of fun and good memories, hence why I'm posting this application.

    I'll talk a bit about myself.

    In 2014, I entered university, did a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. Right now I'm doing a master's degree in Computer Engineering, I really enjoy coding and solving complex problems. The main purpose behind my master's degree is to follow courses related to AI, which for some reason, don't ask me why, are not available for bachelor students in Computer Engineering.

    Name: Bilal

    Date of birth: 30/08/1995

    Languages (Programming and/or other): C++, Java, C#, Python, Powershell, Javascript

    Non programming languages : HTML, CSS (because those are not programming languages and I refuse to add them in the previous section).

    Skills / Experience: Never developed seriously on a private game server.

    I was a developer for a GTA:V RP server where I developed a script client side (javascript) to control the sprint level of the players based on their in-game cardio level (an ability that could be upgraded with gym training in-game). I lost the script, did that about 2 years ago, I remember leaving the server after 2 weeks due to school and internships.

    I did three internships as an undergraduate computer engineer. This summer I am doing a fourth internship, which is also my master's degree internship. During my first three internships, I developed with Python, Java, Javascript, Powershell and C#. Currently I work in a company that does lots of C# and Powershell.

    Proof of work: I have a github account where I stored some of my projects (e.g application that controls a robot via Wi-Fi, Distributed calculation server, meh just school work I guess?) I'm also a laboratory teacher in the department of computer engineering at university, won the award of the best laboratory teacher 2017-2018. I can provide you with my linkedin account and my github account. Please understand that I do not wish to provide links to those publicly here on the forums, I will be more than happy to send the head admins a link to those in private message. Just message me in private @Dave or @McSic if interested.

    I suck at GFX designing, however I am pretty solid and confident in anything related to coding. Throw at me the most difficult challenges. Challenge me and I'll come back with a solution, that's for sure.

    Is all proof of work your own work?

    On github all the work is mine, you can see the commit history of the projects if you have any doubt. Please bare in mind that some of the school work was done in teams of 2, so some times, there may be code that isn't mine but I'm sure you'll find plenty of commits made by myself.

    I've enjoyed FGunZ in my childhood and I'm here to give back to this amazing community where I shared lots of memories, laughs and rage moments. My github does not contain much C++ code, however I'm pretty solid with the language. At university, the first two years in the computer engineering program are exclusively related to the use of C++. Challenge me.
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