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    Hey Freestylers!

    From today on a new Daily Reward System is taking place which gives you higher rewards for playing.

    Daily Reward System

    For every day you play actively ingame (min. 3 hours), you will get a free Lucky Box!

    The rewards are always sent at midnight (00:00 amsterdam time) unless you set a different time zone in your control panel @ ("Edit AP Zone"). If you're online at midnight (00:00 amsterdam time) and haven't met the requirements yet, the server will attempt to re-send the rewards to you 3 hours later (03:00 amsterdam time) instead (if you've met the requirements of course).


    • You must be online for at least 3 hours and gain some EXP or get some kills (kills in training rooms don't count)

    • You don't have to play 3 hours actively. You can spend a majority of your time in lobby, as long as you get the required amount of kills / EXP in total.

    • We don't tell you how much the exact required amount of kills / EXP is.

    • You can check your exact daily playtime / daily kills / daily EXP at your dashboard.

    The more days you play in a row, the higher the rewards:
    Every 3 days you will get a lucky box + cosmetic box.
    Every 7 days you will get a lucky box + 1 AP Shield.
    Every 10 days you will get a lucky box + 100 coins.

    Plus you are also getting bonus EXP (+10% per day) up to +100% (after 10 days).

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Redeem Lucky Box

    You can redeem the free Lucky Boxes at (You can choose any of the Lucky Boxes).
    Next to the button is a counter that shows how many free lucky boxes you have (in my case: 17):

    If you don't see the counter, that means you have 0 free lucky boxes at the moment.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Redeem Cosmetic Box

    You can redeem the free Cosmetic Boxes at
    Same as for the lucky box, there is a counter next to the button that shows how many free cosmetic boxes you have (in my case: 1):

    If you don't see the counter, that means you have 0 free cosmetic boxes at the moment.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    - - - - - - - - - -

    We hope you enjoy this update and tell your friends about it! Who would say no to a free lucky box every day?

    See you ingame,
    FreestylersWorld Staff

    - - -

    Update 6th July 2022:

    7 Event Points replaced by 1 AP Shield!


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