Log start : Mon Mar 18 12:174 2019
Current Directory : C:\Program Files (x86)\Fgunz v8\Freestyle GunZ V8
12:174:731 [APP] OS version : Windows 10 (Build 17134)
12:174:749 [APP] Window created successfully.
12:176:822 [ZUpdate] Create.
12:176:825 [ZFileTransfer] Create.
12:176:826 [ZFileTransfer] Create successfully complete.
12:176:826 [ZFileTransfer] Open connection.
12:176:826 [ZFileTransfer] Open connection successfully complete.
12:176:826 [ZFileTransfer] Change directory.
12:176:826 [ZFileTransfer] Change directory successfully complete.
12:176:826 [ZUpdate] Create successfully compete.
12:176:826 [APP] Download patch info file
12:176:826 [ZUpdate] Start update.
12:176:827 [ZFileTransfer] Download file : patch.xml.comp to ./patch.xml.comp
12:18:07:848 [ZFileTransfer] ERROR : A connection with the server could not be established

12:18:07:848 [ZUpdate] ERROR : Start update FAILED!!!
12:18:07:848 [APP] ERROR - Cannot download patch info file
12:18:07:848 [APP] Updater error message :
The update server is not responding or is not running right now.
[Tip] Please check your firewall.
[Tip] Please try again after a while.
12:18:07:848 [App] File transfer error message :
A connection with the server could not be established

*after I got my windows update*