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Tested a bunch with Osama and we concluded that SGTEST4XL is the best option.

SGTEST1 - This was just bad, theres a reason why we upgraded from this.

SGTEST2 - Although the pellets are now more centered, its still rng. It still allows for random far pbs. It actually allows for even harder far pbs which, shouldnt be a thing.

SGTEST3 - Seems static to me. This was our second choice, but this also seemed like the spread that was tested a while back. Where i said its too unbalanced and would only widen the skill gap even more. Since static was already thrown out the other time, we didn't bother picking this one.

SGTEST4 - A combination of static and rng spread that isnt too randomized and large. The center pellet are tight so they stay relatively same which is good because from close range you cant miss pbs and from far you will only deal damage if you are accurate, which should be the case.

SGTEST5 - A similar version of 4 but the center pellets are wider.

SGTEST6 - This is basically SGTEST3 but worse.

L - Too tight from close to mid range.
XL - The only reasonable option that works well with close, mid, far range.
XXL - It's doable from close to mid range. But it gets stupid from far range, too large.
XXXL - This shouldnt even be an option.

For those who are too lazy to do anything.
First picture is SGTEST1 and so on.

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I can vouch cw players might have a 'better' opinion. Purely because they play it more competetively and basically are better at the game. I guess though we should try to get a spread both type of players can enjoy