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    Welcome Freestylers to the Summer 2019 1v1 Tournament!

    Any off topic / troll comments will be removed.

    • Team Deathmatch (with Spawn Switch Every Round)
    • 1 vs 1 (32 Slots)
    • First person to win 11 rounds will be declared the winner and move onto the next round.
    • Each round is required to have a 3 minute time limit

    • No internet cafe users are allowed to participate in this tournament - This rule has been implemented due to countless incidents in past tournaments where internet cafe users would not show up to their matchups / be unavailable for a large portion of the time.
    • A replay must be taken & sent to us - otherwise you will be disqualified
    • You are not allowed to have anyone else play the tournament for you (we will find out if you do so and disqualify you from this and future tournaments!)
    • Only staff members are allowed to spectate the match
    • You must use the V room modification
    • A time and date must be agreed by both parties
    • If one player shows up and the other player does not on the time both parties agreed on, the player that doesn't show up will be disqualified
    • You are not allowed to use any 3rd party programs, cheats or hacks. If you do so, you will be disqualified from this and future tournaments and you'll receive further punishment. This also includes macros
    • No Camping, if you are caught camping in the replay you will be disqualified.
    • You must sign up for yourself, no one can sign up on your behalf
    • Lagging/spiking will not be tolerated. It'll cost you the match / lead to disqualification
    • Both parties must agree on the map that will be used, any map is applicable

    Furthermore in this tournament, if you are disqualified in the first round for not turning up to your match you will be replaced by another user as we will allow 36 users to sign up to this tournament.

    Any non-donation weapon level 60 or below
    No avatars
    No items
    No donation/vip/event/tourney items/sets

    Once you have completed your match against your opponent, you are required to take a screenshot of the final score (must be in-game) and a replay of the full match and send a private message to #1Chef with the information using the following format:


    • Upload your replays to and your screenshots to
    • You must start recording from the beginning of the rounds to the end of the rounds, unless you have 1 recording for each round in order.
    • Providing a replay is essential, screenshots are not enough.

    The tournament will start as soon as all the spaces have been filled. I will post a reminder and you will have a week to complete your matches. Anyone who fails to complete their match within the week will be disqualified. Make sure you provide me with evidence if you had attempted to contact your opponent and they failed to show up.

    If you wish to participate, you must follow this format:

    Please read and follow the tournament rules
    Check the thread for the match deadlines to avoid any issues occurring

    1st Place

    500 Coins
    -You can choose one of the tournament items
    (Orange/Cyan Tournament Sword or a Tournament shotgun)


    2nd Place

    400 coins

    3rd Place

    300 coins

    You can check the current bracket here:

    The tournament will begin as soon as all spots are filled!
    If you have any questions feel free to PM the host #1Chef


    Round 1

    Round 2

    Round 3



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