Name: Trevor

Age: 30 (May 13th, 1989)

Languages: C++, PHP, HTML, SQL

Information about me:

I've been around GunZ For quite a while. I have countless hours of modifying and editing and developing the source. I've added, modified, and cleaned up many sources.

Got child characters working, Its quite simple, add it as another race. I have the models and clothes if you require and or want them. I wouldn't suggest making them public due to the hitbox modifications
that would be needed. Flashing usernames, blah blah blah, easy crap. I know I am being very informal, but I know you guys don't have a dev currently and McSic is working alone atm.
I'm just here to let you guys know if you need help, I am here. I'm not worried about position or anything like that, I have avatars that are fixed, and are ready to be added. I've already sent Raphael the working
DBZ Goku Base, SSJ1, SSJ2 and SSJ3 forms, working 100%, just out of good will. GunZ is not a game that I will allow to die off. I have Infected, blitzkrieg, Minecraft quests, etc. You name it I got it is basically what
i'm saying. Regardless of approval or denial, feel free to msg me for help