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    Originally Posted by McSic View Post
    Exactly what S1lent said. I think that's a big issue here. When new weapon / weapon types are added people complain about the change of meta. Same thing happened when snipers were introduced, a bunch of those old gen players complained about the change of meta and it took long until they got used to it. So you have people that want new weapon types but you also have people that don't. We actually tried a lot of cool things though, I think. Such as gems (9 different upgradeable gem types, and you can equip 3 defensive and 2 offensive gems), or upgradeable weapons, dynamic/modern hitboxes and such, but we reverted all that because players didn't like the changes. They wanted the same old nostalgic gunz gameplay instead. I personally think Humans VS Infected is one of the cool modes/things we have right now, if people would just play it more.

    The next things that are most likely to come are Blitzkrieg and Battle Royale - these are 2 big projects though. Other things we have planned are King of the Hill, Skillmap Mode, and custom event maps and modes (in combination) that give you something very different, new and fun.
    I think the problem wasn't the new content, if you ask me it was how they were added.

    Gems system: it's right that I wasn't there when this was added, but I saw a lot of opinions about this, and I think the solution of this was simple, add PvP modes or a tag that disable it for this system, so the people would have the choice to play the classic PvP without gems, and a new PvP with the gems. Same thing with the new hitbox, it's true that the majority of players didn't like this change, but this hitbox maybe could be fun on other modes, so they all could have an option for play with the new hitbox if they want to. In this way, you can make everyone happy and no one will say "delete it" because it's just an option and isn't necessary to play with it.

    New weapons: I will not deny the fact that is really hard to add new weapons and make it good for people like it. But let's be honest, there's a option on making for people can play ONLY WITH SHOTGUNS, i really don't understand why people doesn't like there can be more styles for play.

    New modes: Here is where the real headache comes. I won't lie saying that people will play all modes that you add. There's a lot dead modes (assassination, team turbo, infected (humans vs infected), gun game, spy mode, etc.) And it's hard to make them relevant, but I think this isn't cuz players don't like them, I think it's cause the small playerbase this game has, because the actually community of players that fgunz has is a competitive community, so it's obviously that these modes will not played til there are more "casual" players that only wants fun. Maybe for now y'all should focus on add competitive things til there can come new players that they are interested on fun modes.

    So here is where I can give you some ideas based on other games for competitive modes and make old players come again (or at least get the attention of new competitive players):

    Ranked Mode: There's something that is like a blue sword when you are in lobby or a gameroom, so let's get this idea and convert it in something like League of Legends rank system. This mode is something like clan wars but individual, the map will be totally random, hp/ap will be on 125/100, the weapons will be lvl 1 ones, and the system of the mode will be similar to Duel mode. When game starts, other players couldn't join, and no one can leave the mode til this ends, each time a duel finish, the map will change, and when one get the max of kills (example 20) the game ends, then points for the rank of each player will be based on the amount of kills and the k/d's, example: 20/10 k/d = 10 points for the rank. When the count of points reach certain amount, it pass to the next rank (example: 250 points for gold I to gold II). Depending on the rank the player has, it'll show a certain symbol on lobby/gameroom. Of course, for don't make everyone play all styles there will be an option for select your game style like kstyle, glad and snipers.

    Achievement System: Like AznNinja said, it'll be a nice idea this system for competitive. Things like (Kill 100 players on Capture The Flag), or (Survive for 10 mins on Human vs Infected), these class of achievement can add a really good reason for play not only for ego, also for make people play other modes for get these achievement. And maybe add something like "Achievement Points" for make a Ranking of achievement.

    New Rankings: Of course, if we are talking of competitive ideas, this cannot miss. I'm sure I'm not wrong saying that a lot of people wants to ego their count of kills or their k/d's, so just make it and a lot of people will be thankfully and happy.

    Horde Mode: Yeah, a PvE mode can be a competitive mode too. This is simple, just add an infinite NPC spawn in one map, but after kill a certain amount of NPCs there'll be a break time, basically the round system of zombies mode of call of duty, and after like 10 rounds there'll spawn a boss, of course in each round you pass it'll be getting hard with more count of NPCs in each round, more hard to kill and they'll have more DMG. The competitive fact here is the count of round each team pass (yes, a team, cuz it's obviously that pve modes are made for play in team and not in solo), making a competitive feeling in the players for be the ones that have the most rounds passed.
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    Gem system:
    Epic idea by S1lent (and me), it worked really well but in all honesty the number that were given to each gem where not done by us but McSic.
    Personally I think if the number would be lower and no donation option the system would've been perfect as a new addition to the game where you had a few different options to choose from, whether you wanted a little bit more defense, offense or utility.

    Ranked system:
    It should not be too hard if you want to combine the clan system into the duel mode if you'd ask me.
    But I had this idea back when Wucas was a developer, I am sure other developers had this idea too but never created it.
    Even had cosmetical rewards planned so you could show your skill to others after a ladder reset.

    Worked on this with Jetman but we never finished it, we did had a working base for this project but it was only an alpha state.
    Personally I am a huge fan of achievement systems in games, another thing where you could show off your skill, time and dedication to the game.

    New modes:
    For me the only mode I would like to see is Parkour mode, not for me to play but for our skilled players that complete the skillmap courses.
    Would be nice to have an actual mode for this with progression steps, difficulties and experience reward so your effort is rewarded.
    Difficulties would be based on how fast you can complete a skillmap, the harder the more experience you get.
    The progression steps would be shows by an arrow to indicate where you need to go (like quest, where it shows you the way to the portal to go to the next stage).

    I think it is really hard to determine what would get old players back to the game and what could attract new players to the game.

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