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    Originally Posted by Skilly View Post
    More macro customisation. Add {HP} {MAXHP} {AP} {MAXAP} {DMG} tags that you can use for your macros. So you could do something like '^4MEDDING! ^3{HP}/{MAXHP} ^2{AP}/{MAXAP}', that would display 'MEDDING! 27/139 0/119'

    Another example:
    '^1LOW! {DMG} DMG'
    'LOW! 242 DMG'

    I think many would appreciate this, it's something I've seen on other servers that I always wanted to see on FG, and integrating it into customised macros would be far better than forcing it to a key like the other servers do to my knowledge...
    Good news! This has been added in the next patch.

    So you can create custom macros using :hp: :maxhp: :ap: :maxap: :dmg: such as this..

    I have also added :weapon: and :ammo: to show the name and ammo of your currently selected weapon, such as...

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