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    IGN: Emperor with colours (Staff)
    Reason: Harassing me and annoying me all the time, as a GM he's not supposed to hold feeling against anyone, he got a strike last time for same reason, he hates me and my brother, he been chasing us for long, i barely join events, but today i decided to join LMS event but he kicked me for no reason lmao then he said "im avoiding the drama thats gonna happen". like he predicts the future and thinks i still care about him or i will be causing any drama against him, didn't talk to him or anything i just joined but he kicked, this staff been abusing his powers to annoy me and my brother for so long, not the kind of the GM that this server needs.

    Event: I just joined the game room and he kicks me out and says "i don't want drama".
    I haven't said a single word to him so I don't understand why he is after me lmao.

    Also he talks about drama, like if i didn't say a thing and you're kicking me out who is the one causing the damn drama?

    Also i was in a training room and he kept slapping me and my friend for no reason and trying to provoke,

    i ignored everything they did but then he kicks me out and says im causing drama. not the first time this gm gets reported for abusing powers. event McSic said when got his last strike for same reason, abusing against my brother, he said that if this gets repeated Emperor will get a further punishment, well i guess we are here and he never learns.
    Shows how they slap me and also they are provoking me but I ignored it all.

    I am aware that the room says "AA" however for them to only abuse me shows how much hate Emperor has on me.
    Also the fact that I was on some alt that i created like hours ago and they somehow found out it's me.

    Lastly, Emperor has been speaking in Hindi language at lobby which is very unprofessional. Who knows what he's saying.

    I would like to request Divine/McSic/Dave to handle this report.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hi Mex,

    Thanks for being so patient while I looked at this for you. Please note that I'm not protecting anyone in this report, I'll be stating the facts.

    So, lets start of with the kick from the event?

    • Kicking a known problem causer from an event before it all starts is nothing new, I personally did one not long ago.

    • I was informed by Emperor that you made jokes about coronavirus, he at that point knew the trouble was going to start so he kicked you.

    In terms of AA room and the harassment:

    I personally think it's not right to slap one player constantly (but that's me). But as you're aware it's AA (admin abuse) room and the room is optional to join. It's never been against the rules for staff members to kill someone constantly nor slapping them as that's the whole point of the room.

    Also FYI - Emperor was punished due to having admin items in a normal training room where players join to train, not AA room.

    After asking McSic to check logs to see if Emperor was actually checking your characters, it's false. He had no idea who you were in the AA room at least not through CP.

    Speaking in Hindi language in the lobby is something I discussed with him and won't repeat going forward.

    Thanks and hope this has answered all your questions, feel free to PM me if you require further assistance.

    Kind regards,

    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

    "The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all."

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