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    Note: If you're only here to post "cya in 2 weeks" or "thread number 123131" or anything in that regard, it'll be reported.

    This game hasn't brought me anything in general I realised just being muted for something that's being said on a daily base.

    I'm not to return ever again most likely, I might be lurking in the shadows on the forums. But ofcourse, as you know me, I'll report every off-topic/harsh comment under this thread. I'm not seeking for a warming "Goodbye", it's just to inform and maybe it's better if this thread is locked immediatly after being posted. I do not wish to encourage anyone to spam.

    A genuine thank you goes out to:

    - Divine
    - McSic
    - Hulk (Darken)
    - Adorable (gl with cakestore )
    - Tom (cus why not rite)

    Smile clan, many gud ppl.

    Cheers lads, have a good one.

    ~ Bart
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