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    FGunZ Mini Update // 09 SEP 2020

    • Bug fixes (especially regarding Quests)

    • Correct damage counter in Quests (which also works when you Solo)

    • Quality-of-Life improvement: You now see the health of the NPC that you're currently fighting (

    • Modifications to NAT system for better / faster NAT (We will see if it works as intended)

    • Ingame video recorder improvement: You can now record videos via the ingame recorder in 1:1 (Full Res) 30 FPS, 1:1 (Full Res) 60 FPS, 1:2 (Half Res) 30 FPS, 1:2 (Half Res) 60 FPS - with a size limit of: 200 MB, 400 MB, 600 MB or unlimited (Options -> Misc -> Video Recording Resolution / memory size limit)

    • 25 Pellet Shotgun Spray Option (the damage of 12 pellets is split into 25 pellets): Write SG[number from 0-8 to determine the size of the spray] followed by an 'X' to enable it (e.g. SG0X) at the beginning of the room title


    Problems updating?
    Add Gunz.exe and Launcher.exe (or the FGunZ folder) to the exception list of your anti-virus software and make sure to run the Launcher as Administrator!

    Hey Freestylers,

    it's time for an update!

    FGUNZ UPDATE // 03 SEP 2020

    • Some bug fixes

    • Some crash fixes

    • SG Spread Test: Added a new shotgun spray mod, so you can play around with different shotgun spreads / sizes and give us your feedback. To use it you just have to make a room and write "SG" followed by a number (1 - 8) or the letter "V" at the beginning of the room name, e.g. "SG1 Let's play a GunZ game."

      (without mod the shotgun spray size is 0.12 (largest))

      SG1 = SG Spray Size 0.115
      SG2 = SG Spray Size 0.11
      SG3 = SG Spray Size 0.105
      SG4 = SG Spray Size 0.10
      SG5 = SG Spray Size 0.095
      SG6 = SG Spray Size 0.09
      SG7 = SG Spray Size 0.085
      SG8 = SG Spray Size 0.08 (smallest)
      SGV = Original, unmodified, vanilla shotgun spray

    • Spectators can now see weapon names (also works in replays)

    • Added Aim Information option (e.g. Aim: 10/10 (100%) means 10 hits in 10 shots (100% accuracy)), which is enabled per default (you can toggle it at Options -> Video -> [III] -> Aim Info)

    • HP/AP Mod now accepts values smaller than 100 (80 - 200), e.g. you can set it to 90 to decrease the HP/AP of all players to 90% (e.g. 90% of 150 is 135), to see if you prefer the game with less health. Use it to give us your feedback.

    • Added new Hitmarker effect as option (disabled per default), you can enable it at Options -> Video -> [III] -> Hitmarker

    • The damage/poison effect of Smoke Grenades and the flash of Flashbangs should no longer affect you nor your team (you can still see smokes, but they will not damage/poison you)

    • Replaced Ammo Regen skill in Survival with Sprint skill (press Shift to sprint)

    • Increased Sniper clip (3 -> 4) and total bullets (21 -> 24)

    • Added a red dot in the middle of the Sniper crosshair

    • Added Sniper Scope Sensitivity option (Options -> Mouse -> Sniper Scope Sensitivity (Default: 0.50))

    • Added Bouncy Oblivion room mod (you don't die if you reach oblivion)

    Enjoy this update!

    FreestylersWorld Staff

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