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    IGN of reported player: MusturdCake

    Reason: Force-lagging/Spiking in a Stairway room for God knows which time it is. I warned him to fix his lags and asked him to stop abusing it. Honestly, he's completely aware of his internet issues, and he's abusing them on purpose. Players can't normally play in a room while he's there, especially when it comes to Dodgeball events when he abuses his internet issues to explode on people, and that's not something to deny - all of you, the staff members, are aware of it. So, it would be better if you were taking actions regarding him instead of letting him avoid a punishment every time he breaks a rule with full awareness. If you have additional proof, you're more than welcome to provide since some GMs have been watching him in different Stairway rooms for the last few weeks.
    Musturd could simply received another warning a few days ago, if that staff member was taking an immediate action. The main point here is that he's fully aware of his lags, and there should be given a further punishment. He already got banned in the past for collecting 4 warnings, and several of them were because he abused his lags.
    In the following replay you'll see how clearly he abuses the spikes in order to kill other players (take a close look at the fight against Ivy near the HP spawn.)
    In addition to that, it is known that he spikes/lags to many members of the community (BOTH staff members and players) and it has been like that for MONTHS if not over a year at this point. (abuse included)
    Obviously when a GM comes to a room he momentarily fixes it and leaves the room, but when no gm in the room? HELL YEAH LETS ABUSE SPIKES AND IGNORE PLAYERS WHO TELL ME THAT I SPIKE AND REPLY WITH "I'm 0kay" "it's stable" "i n0 lag" and so on.
    Taking further actions regarding him would be helpful since this guy doesn't care for the warnings he receives, so if you may do that, please. Let's be honest, abuse on a daily basis isn't worth just a warning, but further action.
    Edit: A friend of mine, Ivy, provided more proof for Musturd's abusive behavior. You can take a look in the link attached below & read the description added to each one of them.

    Proof/Evidence: &
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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the report.

    Following diligent investigation and checking of his account, I can see that he has been reported many times for the same reason and has only received warnings after warnings and nothing has really changed. I have also noticed he has been getting verbally warned in-game by players and by our staff team several times recently to address his net issues which has failed.

    I have gone ahead and added another warning and have banned him in-game for 3 days.

    I hope this will encourage him to fix his net issues going forward.


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