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    Add Gunz.exe and Launcher.exe (or the FGunZ folder) to the exception list of your anti-virus software and make sure to run the Launcher as Administrator!

    Hey Freestylers,

    we have released another update!

    FGUNZ UPDATE // 28 SEP 2020

    • Original (vanilla) SG spread is now the default

    • Performance Improvements

    • Bug fixes regarding Loadouts

    • Fixed a common TDM bug where the game would not stop although nobody is ingame (so you no longer have to remake the room when it's a TDM to change map, mode, etc.)

    • Faster auto team balance

    • You can now see the exact crosshairs of other players (type 1-10, size, color) when spectating them (unless they are using a custom crosshair image) If you don't like it, you can disable this feature at Options -> Video -> [ IV ]

    • It/Bomb: Speed bonus if you are 'It' (10%) or have the bomb (depends on how much time is left until explosion (up to 20%)) (they stack)

    • It/Bomb: If you type /bomb or /it and someone already has the bomb or is 'It', it will tell you who that is

    • Shortened screenshot and replay messages

    • The "You have been online for x hours" message now says the more correct "The game has been running for x hours" (because this message did not actually measure how long you have been online)

    • /stafflist command is now /staff

    • You can type /staff <message here> to send a message to all online staff members (Do not abuse this. Players that abuse this command to spam staff members will get punished.)

    We hope you enjoy this update!

    FreestylersWorld Staff

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