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    im god while sniping

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    IGN of reported player: Skull

    Reason: flamming, kick abuse, NSFW, inapropiate behavior

    So, long time ago, i ripped his ass off on 1v1; Since then he got mad on me and begun to chase me, saying deep offenses.

    On the first time, 'cause he was losing on A/D he started to cheat every round, saying his bullshits, and playing like dumb.

    at that time, I reported him privately to Tony all his flaming, kick abuse and dumbness that he did. And even whit tony asking him to stop he doesn't stop. (i had to report privately, cause he (the dumbest skull) was lying saying that I was flaming and kicking abuse him; so tony could give me a warn if i didn't have recorded.)

    You can check the record here:

    Firstly his friend tried to kick me for no reason(green) then he(dumbest skull) started another vote, again for no reason:BDKy1oxKeBs_20200831_222916.jpg

    All tony did was: "I will keep an eye on him; And if he continues I will warn or mute him depending on how far he goes ok; Thanks for informing us about this I will let other GMs know about him" even whit the guy saying those things in front of him;

    For somedays he stopped, cause i ripped him again so he RQ saying not a single word. (later called me to cw whit him )

    However, he decides to do again all his dumbness, cause it is the only thing he can do: kick abuse, flaming, offenses etc. Where you can check in here:
    obs: he started the vote, and again... for no reason.


    So that's all, thx for attention. pce
    obs: i don't know him, and never gave him any consent to talk a word to me
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    madness got you too?

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    Hi, Dyoxes,

    The first replay and screenshot are both dated 8/31/2020, and we do not accept evidence that is older than 7 days.

    This Replay and Screenshot cannot be used anymore.

    As for the last part, you did not Screenshot the kick when Kingaim said "All Y", therefore we do not know who kicked because it does not show us who is kicking who in the replay. You should Screenshot when it says "Player A is kicking Player B .... Y OR N." So I cannot take action based on this. The 00:50 sec replay you provided is too minor and can be avoided using the /ignore function.

    The final two Screenshots seem to be provoked by you as well when you stated these things which cause him to flame you:

    "800 dmg and you"
    "Trash than king"
    "200 dmg"
    "poor boy"

    I suggest you use the /ignore function on Skull, because both of you guys just have some kind of hate towards each other. Next time screenshot the actual kick and don't provoke players as well.

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