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    Hey Freestylers and Merry Christmas 2020!

    To celebrate christmas with us we have sent all of you several free items that will last 14 days, these include:

    • Christmas Dagger

    • Christmas Katana

    • Christmas Greatsword

    • Christmas Greatsword x2

    • Christmas Kodachi

    • VIP Chocolatebox

      ... and last but not least:

    • Limitbreaker & Limitbreaker X

    Check your storage to use them!


    We have also worked on a couple other things, these include:

    • Special christmas effects if the room name includes the keyword "christmas": This includes visual stuff, as well as changes to rockets, FG grenades and EX grenades (does not affect stun, flash and smoke grenades)

    • Several bug fixes

    • Added /players command (tells you how many players are online and how many of them are playing)

    • Added bullet sparks option (disabled per default) (Video -> [IV]) (Only works if bullet marks are enabled too)

    • It-Game: You now lose "It" on death

    • Decreased delay until smoke grenade pops (3 seconds -> 1.5 seconds)

    • Don't show new killfeed while scoreboard is open

    • Decreased stun radius of stun grenades by 25% (400 units -> 300 units)

    • Added Zombie King II quest (Prison: Steak + Platinum Earring)

    • Added 5 sexy new checked chests for men to the ingame bounty shop (Currently not available, will be fixed)

    • Added Dark Santa Claus Caps for men and women to the ingame bounty shop (Currently not available, will be fixed)

    • CTF: Fixed Asylum and Garden flags, removed Dojo and Terrace of the Sky

    Shoutout to StephanM for creating this new content!

    We hope you enjoy this update and don't forget to also spend time with your friends and family.

    FreestylersWorld Staff

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