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    Are you new to this game? Are you scared of staying behind? Have no fear, we are here to explain you everything you need!

    Before we start, make sure you have read our rules!
    Rules and Regulations: Rules and Regulations
    Terms of Service: Terms of Service

    Freestyle GunZ is a small community, we have about 70-140 active players which might be not too much if you compare it to the amount of players we used to have a few years ago but we are trying our best to keep this server alive. You'll be able to find many friendly people here on forums, in-game and even in our Discord server: Official Discord Server.

    Let's begin, shall we? I know how frustrating it can be when you just started playing a game and you match against people who either have high level weapons or donation items which they paid for, it's not a fair match against level 1 weapons. That's why it is important for you to know that you can "Try For Free" every donation item we have for 3 hours! All you have to do is to follow these following simple steps:
    • Login in
    • Go to the donation shop: Donation Shop
    • Click on the picture of item you're willing to try for free.
    • On top right you will have 3 options: Rent Item, Buy Item and Try Item. Click on Try Item and you should have it in your storage right away! Here's a picture just to make it more clear:

    As you understood above, you can also "rent" any donation items. In another words, if you'd like to test an item and you think 3 hours wouldn't be enough, you can rent the item for a few days (up to a month) but that would cost coins so think carefully before you spend them.

    We also have "Item Of The Day" which gets constantly updated. What does it mean? A donation item with a discount, it will be random every day and has limited stock. Let's take this item as an example: , instead of 200 coins - it costs 150 just for the people who buy it today!

    Now I know what you're thinking, why am I explaining about the donation shop if you're a new player with zero coins? Do not worry, we have lots of methods to gain coins!

    1. Streaming: You can stream FGunZ by using Twitch. It is important that you read our rules before streaming just to make sure everything is clear:

    The rewards are:
    • You will get 50 coins every time you stream without interruption for 2 hours.
    • You can stream once per day (CET timezone).
    • When you have streamed 5 times and awarded coins 5 times, you will get the exclusive Twitch Shirt + Pants in-game.
    • When you have streamed 10 times and awarded coins 10 times, you will get the exclusive Twitch JJANG in-game.
    • When you have streamed 25 times and awarded coins 25 times, you will get the exclusive Twitch Dash in-game.

    How to become a streamer? You go to and you create a ticket under the "other" department once you're logged in, then just fill in everything which is required.

    2. Rebirth: As you already know, you can level up by gaining EXP. Once you reach the maximum level which is 99 - you have the possibility to reset your character back to level 5 and receiving 100 coins for doing that. However, you can rebirth twice every 31 days.

    How to rebirth? Login in - click on "Dashboard" (top right corner) - click on "My Characters" - Put your mouse arrow on the character you want to rebirth - click on "Rebirth Character". You have to be logged out in-game, otherwise you wouldn't be able to do it. Make sure you do not click on "Reset Lvl 99" because it just resets your character without giving you the coins! Here's an example on how it should look like once you reach to the right place on the website:

    3. Raffles: Raffles are being hosted every few months here on forums in this thread: Raffle & Giveaway Announcements
    The raffles are usually for everyone and you have a chance to win a specific amount of coins or more cool things like a golden membership.

    4. Events: Events are being hosted in-game on a daily basis, we're trying our best to host every few hours. For every round you win - you receive 1 Event Point (could be more, depends on the event type). Now, you have two options to choose what you want to do with those Event Points:
    • You can convert all your event points to donation coins. (1:1.5 ratio) If you're a VIP user (will be explained later) the ratio is 1:2.
    • You can go to the Event Shop: Event Shop and choose an item you want to rent (just like it was explained above in the Donation Shop). The minimum days are 7 and the maximum days are 45, you cannot purchase a permanent item, all the items in the Event Shop are temporary.

    5. VIP Events: We also have events just for our VIP/Golden Members users. Similar to normal events, for every round you win - you receive 25 coins (could be more, depends on the event type). These events are being hosted once a week (usually on weekends).

    How to become a VIP/Golden Member user? You go to this link: and you purchase it for 300 coins, it's a Lifetime Gold Membership. You also get these following things:
    • Access to a new category with Gold Events, where you can win a lot of free coins!
    • Access to the VIP shop at
    • You can use bigger forum avatars on the forum.
    • You can store more private messages (2500).
    • You get a special user rank image next to your name (VIP) - On the Forums and Ingame!
    • Golden Usergroup Color on the Forums and In-game!
    • Ability to join full rooms (with a maximum of 2 VIP members over the players limit of the room).
    • A VIP JJANG which you can get for free here: VIP Shop
    • Ability to change your own forum name (once every 60 days).

    6. Weekly Competitions: The weekly competition is a way for you to get free coins! You can join the weekly competition and possibly win 100 coins for each category, every week! The categories are: Most level ups, most kills, most Event Points, most clan-war games played, most clan-war points and being the leader of #1 clan. The reset happens on Mondays.

    How to join the weekly competition? You go to this link: Weekly Competition and you click on "Join Weekly Competition". Here how it looks like:

    7. Clan-wars: You can also gain coins by winning clan-wars. As it was explained above, you can gain coins by being the user with the most clan-war games played in that specific week or by having the most clan-war points or by being the leader of #1 clan. Not only that but you also receive 25 coins for every 100 clan-war points you do. The clans reset happens on Mondays.

    8. Activity Points: Finally we reached to our daily rewards, they are being called "Activity Points". For every day you play actively in-game (minimum 3 hours), you will get a free Lucky Box! The more days you play in a row, the higher the rewards:
    • Every day you will get a lucky box.
    • + A cosmetic box every 3 days.
    • + 7 event points every 7 days.
    • + 100 coins every 10 days.
    • You are also getting bonus EXP (+10% per day) up to +100% (after 10 days).

    How cool is that? All you have to do is to play everyday for minimum 3 hours and gain some EXP as well. You don't have to play actively for 3 hrs, just have to get some kills and exp, you could chill for 2 hours and only play 1 for an example.
    The reset/activity check happens every night at 00:00 CET and 03:00 CET, if you're online at that time it skips you. It means that you won't get reset but you also won't get points, you won't get a notification on login and your playtime counts towards the next day.
    The accurate time for your account you can see on at your dashboard after logging in, it is only refreshed once you log off.

    One more thing, in case you don't play a day and you are back to Day 1 - you can purchase the "Activity Recovery" which will allow you to set your activity points back to what they were before they were reset to 0. You can only use this if you currently have 0 activity points and previously had more than 0 activity points. The price for that is 100 coins and it can be found in the Donation Shop on the website.

    For more information, go to this link: Daily Rewards

    For any question, feel free to PM any of the staff members, you can see here the list of our current staff members: Freestylers World Staff List

    Enjoy your stay!
    Best regards, Freestylers crew~
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    Omma is going to make me rich

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    We really needed something like that for new players who join the server.
    Thanks for the guide!

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    Thanks for the guideline Ben


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    waiting for that 'how to get rich fast (irl)' thread

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    Goodwork ben !

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    Title baited me.

    Came here hoping to know to make some more ££ for milk and dypers

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    I expected an ebook on how to earn $500/daily !!

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    Originally Posted by Zabu View Post
    waiting for that 'how to get rich fast (irl)' thread
    kys for 10k$

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the guide! <3
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    You sir , a financial shark

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