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    Originally Posted by Faky View Post
    If a team stays in one place for more than 1min is called camp, On the port map, there is no such open place in mid. players have no choice to play without hiding or a little bit of camp if both players camped in the side room(boat side) consider it as CAMP otherwise it is not, because the mid-camp/fight is long-ranged weapons(distance) war so it's fine.

    They denied to play town and want to play port(port map is the easiest map for attackers also easy to dodge anything) consider this no-rematch for finals. It's my opinion and everyone can have their opinion no offense

    FF should ON in the tournament.
    hp spawn has 5 differences entrances lol, how u can camp there, they could easily attack us

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    rewatched the vod to give you the benefit of the doubt, even though I watched it live.

    round 1 - no camp, skilly even goes looking for them in a 1v2 situation
    round 2 - holds hp spawn since its a 2v1 situation, no reason to go looking and get backstabbed
    round 3 - tzu pushes up to help skilly in alley
    round 4 - tzu straight up rushes like a dumb ass and gets a hold of hp spawn position. (you aint getting this position on RED side on port if you're camping, you basically pushed the enemies back).
    round 5 - both teams pushed and met mid
    round 6 - once blue pushed, skilly pushes back, holds for abit before going to look for opponent
    round 7 - blue pushes, skilly pushes back
    round 8 - red gets destroyed
    round 9 - blue pushes mid, skilly pushes alley
    round 10 - both teams fight mid, repeat of round 2
    round 11 - back and forth fight in mid, tzu pushes up to hp spawn. clash mid, blue gets outaimed and destroyed
    round 12 - tzu pushes mid
    round 13 - blue pushes mid, skilly pushes alley
    round 14 - blue backpeddles, red goes looking. long round but both teams were basically standing their ground till red goes looking
    round 15 - skilly pushes, blue backpeddles to ap. red goes looking
    round 16 - typical mid rev fight from boxes, skilly pushes mid, tzu goes looking for last guy
    round 17 - blue tries yolo rush in last round cus blood is boiling at this point, fails and loses match. (red holds hp, blue holds ap, both side camping then?)
    after tourny - kaiser shows the world why hes the biggest loser in gunz

    Camping woud only apply in situations whereby if blue pushed, red backpeddled and stayed. But everytime blue pushed, red pushed back.
    Red side on port is the shitty side, you cant push past alley unless you wanna get fked. And if you do push up to HP spawn and hold, it's not camping, you already pushed to get that advantage. They beat them fair and square even on the bad side.

    Now it's your turn to give us a reasonable response. Not that "holding HP in port is camping" bullshit.

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    Originally Posted by Tzunami best0 View Post
    hp spawn has 5 differences entrances lol, how u can camp there, they could easily attack us
    That's what I said port map is the easiest map for attackers.
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