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    Title. Tried common sense solutions as: updating my graphics card, deleting config.xml, checking if there was anything interfering with gunz.exe.. no luck. Any idea what might be causing it? I recently uninstalled a couple system programs like; Maps, YourPhone etc... Can't recall the names of the rest. I also terminate windows defender on windows startup, could any of the stated things be what's causing the issue? Thanks in advance.

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    Before anything, check which version of DirectX you got (12 requires GPU support and windows 10 btw)

    1. From Start, type dxdiag in the Search box, and then press enter.
    2. Tap or click on dxdiag from the results.
    3. Check DirectX Version on the first page of the report in the System Information section.

    If you think that the built in apps removal causes it you can use this website to help you reinstall it ( > it is near the bottom 'ctrl + F reinstall')

    - Check if if your DirectX is up-to-date or if you got the correct version

    - Try the redist folder in your GunZ folder (vcredist), this sometimes magically fixes things of what I remember in the last few years

    Other useful site

    (copy and pasted this from steam)

    For AMD;
    All that needs to be done to fis this is to do a clean install of all your drivers. Since I run AMD ill be giving the tutorial on that.
    1) Go to your Programs and features and uninstall AMD Catalyst. Make sure to delete all AMD software and drivers when it asks you what to uninstall.
    2) Make sure to delete any other AMD software in your programs and features including things like ASUS Smart Doctor, as these programs are what reverted your card in the first place. And if their not removed then after you restart your comupter again it will just do it once again.
    3) Go to your device manager, right click on your gfx card and uninstall to make sure that all driver information is gone.
    4) At this point restart your computer and do a fresh install of AMD catalyst, that will include the drivers and what not you need.

    another post on steam;

    how to fix Direct X10 and above for windows about "The normal reason for this error is because your computer for whatever reason thinks that your graphics card does not support Direct X even though it does."

    Step 1,
    start and select run type regedit
    select HKEY_Local_machine, and then select software then find Microsoft after opening that scroll down and find direct X.
    you should see file
    installed version and version either one should show a 9 at the start number. that means you have a registry error. delete only these two files.

    step 2.
    after doing that use windows update to reinstall the current version of direct X, if not show in update click this link you perhaps to have do it manually.

    also Install Direct X end user run time if you game requires the older version that way you can keep the current version, you will also have to delete this Direct X user run time, as it doesn't not restore your direct X to the normal version.

    (this may be the source of the problem with most users if not scroll down)

    Note: Reinstall everything when you Dxdiag says you got the current version you want.

    and then restart your computer
    if you still have problems with this error then there might be a bug in a flash player

    step 3 (optional if former steps fails to fix)
    Uninstall all flash type programs.
    Adobe flash player
    Unity flash player
    Silver light
    You tube plugins,etc.
    that why you uninstall all you older version programs and flash players before reinstall new versions and it may cause registry error and bugs that becuz these type of errors.

    restart your computer.
    if problem still occurs, uninstall all windows programs expect security programs, and also that enhancement your graphic cards.

    like for Nvidia delete NvidiaphysX, and for geforce etc.

    and if that fails restore your pc to factory standards. (that when you first got it) i love the recovery drive. and reinstall everything.

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