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  • Last Man Standing

    36 69.23%
  • Basketball

    14 26.92%
  • Rocketman

    37 71.15%
  • Medstyle

    23 44.23%
  • Bumper Cars

    14 26.92%
  • Berserker

    14 26.92%
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    Hello Freestylers!
    A special in-game event will be hosted next Sunday, sponsored by Kavi.

    General Information:

    The selected events will be hosted on March 7th at the EVENT CHANNEL.
    - Click HERE for the countdown timer.
    - There will be THREE events hosted, 5 rounds each.


    A sum of 750 donation coins & [L] M16 Halloween Rifle (preview) will be given away.

    - The winner of each round receives 50 coins.
    - Bonus: the 1st player to reach the limit of wins, which is three rounds (a total of 150 coins), will be rewarded with the legendary item as well.

    Rules & Reminders:

    - You may win a MAXIMUM of 150 coins during the entire event to ensure other players are given the chance to win.
    - Ensure you are following all the Freestylers Terms of Service & In-Game Events Rules.
    - Use the attached poll to vote for the events you wish to play.
    - Click HERE for the countdown timer.

    NOTE: Once you reach the limit of wins, which is three rounds, you may leave the event, unless you are told by the host(s) to switch teams. However, it doesn't mean you can now join on another account, participate and win.
    - A break of this rule will result in disqualification, means you will not receive ANY of the prizes.

    - If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here.

    Thank you Kavi for sponsoring this event!
    See y'all there!

    Last edited by TomasEdison; 03-07-2021 at 10:38 AM. Reason: Delayed the event in 30 mins.

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