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    at the moment u only gain coins if u stay in 1 clan. very annoying cause cw right now is just a bunch of people staying in the same clans i.e. 6 people online in the same clan and cws can be happening if they split into 2 clans of 3v3 but they dont cuz of this dumb policy. yes u can switch characters but people too lazy! cuz gunz players lazy. also people dont wanna switch characters cuz they lose out on coins cuz leader usually just split rank1 coins based on contributions.

    so change so that instead of points u gain in 1 clan, it's points gained for all clans u cw in! that way there will be more cws happening and people more likely to play with each other which makes cw more active! ive been cwing long time and had a lot of rank 1 clans! i know what im talking about! this will work!!

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