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    Right now if you make a room with a password, it becomes room 90 or 100+.
    My question is if we can do the same for rooms that are less competitive maybe (but still before password games)

    A lot of people are looking for TDM's etc. but sadly the same people are lazy bastards and don't want to make one or even look at the 2nd page or further to find one and just assume the game is dead and just log off or afk.
    Honestly they just want quick access to play some games. (I know the people are the problem and it's selfish to request this kind of thing, but I feel like it's needed.)

    As a player who has played Gunz since the beginning and has started out with only competitive modes, I want to stimulate these kind of games and get people to play more again.

    I'm not exactly sure which game modes I'd want to move numberwise, but the ones in my mind right now are training games and quest mode.

    Training Rooms, because people who want to hang out in a training room are usually half afk and if they want to go there they'll put effort in to find it and it will be occupied. Quest Rooms, because it fills up really quickly and only allows 4 ppl max and it's usually private quest games where friends are invited to play.

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