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    Call me Frooples :) (Real name PMed to McSic)


    (PMed to McSic)

    Languages (Programming and/or other):
    (In descending order of experience.)

    1. C/C++
    2. Python
    3. Java
    4. HTML/CSS/JS
    5. AHK

    Skills / Experience:
    (Detailed resumé PMed to McSic)
    (Reverse chronological order.)

    • About a year of GunZ development experience. Since August 2020.
    • Currently a Computer Science student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Focused in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    • Volunteered at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for NASA competition to 3D print sustainable shelters on Mars. Built hardware and software for a garage-sized 3D printer. Aided robotic arms team with Robotic Operating System (ROS) as well.
    • Interned at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Worked on Maritime Robotics and Machine Learning.
    • Interned for NASA with affiliation to the University of New Mexico and the University of Houston. Worked with automating exploration and resource allocation on Mars using swarm robotics.
    • Founder of multi-award winning robotics team at my local community college in an annual national competition held by NASA.
    • Enjoy creating insane contraptions alongside my fellow engineers at my local Fabrication Laboratory. Often showcasing our questionable products at local Maker Fairs.
    • Certified Computer Science tutor.
    • Made a knockoff of Pacman in C++, but with 4 ghosts and MANY Pacmen. This is how I got the idea for /bot mimic.
    • Made a Tetris knockoff in C++ in a small team during first year of programming.

    Proof of work:

    Is all proof of work your own work?



    I've been playing since IGunZ and probably played here on FGunZ longer than IJJI now, wow. Well I came back to my favorite game on my favorite server due to Covid19 and was aching for some training bots, so I made one and decided to drag you all along for the ride. After the initial hurdle, the GunZ source code is insanely fun to tinker with; It's very satisfying to mess around with your childhood game.

    I'm entering the later stages of my development outline, so the time is just about ripe to apply for a dev position to further build trust and rapport. My main goal is to train with everyone using the bots in-game and as such my intentions are to implement, update, and maintain training bots on this server should you guys give me the green light. Otherwise, I'm more than happy to guide you on how to port the bots over to your server, which was my original plan.

    At any rate, I'm grateful you all followed me throughout the development process and encouraged me with much love and support. <3

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    Obviously your training bot work and application looks good, but what else are you able (or willing) to contribute aside from the training bot?
    It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready.
    I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything.
    There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now.
    And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.

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    Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Obviously your training bot work and application looks good, but what else are you able (or willing) to contribute aside from the training bot?
    Let's see... I've been keeping a list of ideas to try. As for the ability to do them, I usually start with some inkling of a plan and figure it out as I go and do reworks if necessary. Some of these ideas are rough or impractical, but perhaps they will spark better ones.

    ET Tools
    • ET's would get a toy chest of commands with /et [command] [param] [param]
    • Heat seeking grenade weapon. A grenade that continuously bounces towards the nearest player and detonates when within distance.
    • Command to spawn quest NPCs in-game.
    • A portal gun weapon.
    • A stun gun weapon.
    • Command to spawn variable sized rings of items around you such as meds.
    • A ball with collision detection. Perhaps able to be slashed/flipped as well.
    • Countdown timer
    • Edit: Automated Events.
      • Automated True/False events
      • Automated guess the password rooms
      • Perhaps something like the Google Feud game.

    Custom Statue Quest (Players bug the boss or run in circles, so why not design an immobile boss?)
    • Quest mode with a giant unmoving statue with high HP
    • Rolls dice and does a few random attack sequences for a period of time.
    • After attacking, is more vulnerable.
    • Some possible attack sequences:
      • Spawn mobs.
      • Spawn reward chest (Rare. Can be fake)
      • Spawn flash grenades.
      • Spawn HP/AP/Ammo pickups
      • Fires projectiles in a sweeping pattern.
      • Teleports players within range.
      • 360 degree attacks.

    Ultimate Skill (An activatable skill with cooldowns)
    • Block all slashes and bullets in a 360 sphere around you for a short time.
    • Temporarily gives player berserker.
    • Your next slash has unlimited range.
    • You explode upon death.
    • Temporarily get infinite ammo and increased fire rate.
    • Bullets temporarily explode on impact.
    • Your next attack can slowly wither your opponent until they heal to max hp.
    • Teleport player directly behind last attacker.

    New Massive Elements
    • Element of Surprise. On hit, enemy is stunned and stunned again randomly shortly after.
    • Element of Life. On massive, spawns a low value health pickup.
    • Element of Gravity. Draws enemies within range towards your massive.
    • Element of Void. On massive, for a brief period, enemy screen goes black, all sound is muted, UI is gone.
    • Element of Earth. On massive, knocks down enemy instantly, no time for safe-falling.
    • Element of Sun. On massive, your body is encased in a large sphere made of massives.
    • Element of Death. On hit, enemy loses 10 hp every minute until death. Non-stackable.

    Unarmed Combat
    • Shorter range than swords.
    • Dashes are faster.
    • Will have a block animation for canceling, but it can't actually block anything.
    • Special attack knocks back opponent.
    • 4 hit animated combo.

    Bullet Graffiti

    Draws images using bullets and parametric equations.

    I'm most eager about creating tools for the Event Team.

    Of course I'm always on the lookout for bugs and document/fix them as I encounter them. I'm also a big fan of Quality of Life fixes, i.e. I find it annoying how relay mode sends you to the waiting room first instead of straight into the next map.
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    Sorry for the late response. Been really busy (kinda still am). I had a talk with the others and they seem to agree that you would make a great addition to the team. I'm looking forward to your ideas. Welcome to the team!

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