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    Call me Frooples :) (Real name PMed to McSic)


    (PMed to McSic)

    Languages (Programming and/or other):
    (In descending order of experience.)

    1. C/C++
    2. Python
    3. Java
    4. HTML/CSS/JS
    5. AHK

    Skills / Experience:
    (Detailed resumé PMed to McSic)
    (Reverse chronological order.)

    • About a year of GunZ development experience. Since August 2020.
    • Currently a Computer Science student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Focused in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    • Volunteered at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for NASA competition to 3D print sustainable shelters on Mars. Built hardware and software for a garage-sized 3D printer. Aided robotic arms team with Robotic Operating System (ROS) as well.
    • Interned at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Worked on Maritime Robotics and Machine Learning.
    • Interned for NASA with affiliation to the University of New Mexico and the University of Houston. Worked with automating exploration and resource allocation on Mars using swarm robotics.
    • Founder of multi-award winning robotics team at my local community college in an annual national competition held by NASA.
    • Enjoy creating insane contraptions alongside my fellow engineers at my local Fabrication Laboratory. Often showcasing our questionable products at local Maker Fairs.
    • Certified Computer Science tutor.
    • Made a knockoff of Pacman in C++, but with 4 ghosts and MANY Pacmen. This is how I got the idea for /bot mimic.
    • Made a Tetris knockoff in C++ in a small team during first year of programming.

    Proof of work:

    Is all proof of work your own work?



    I've been playing since IGunZ and probably played here on FGunZ longer than IJJI now, wow. Well I came back to my favorite game on my favorite server due to Covid19 and was aching for some training bots, so I made one and decided to drag you all along for the ride. After the initial hurdle, the GunZ source code is insanely fun to tinker with; It's very satisfying to mess around with your childhood game.

    I'm entering the later stages of my development outline, so the time is just about ripe to apply for a dev position to further build trust and rapport. My main goal is to train with everyone using the bots in-game and as such my intentions are to implement, update, and maintain training bots on this server should you guys give me the green light. Otherwise, I'm more than happy to guide you on how to port the bots over to your server, which was my original plan.

    At any rate, I'm grateful you all followed me throughout the development process and encouraged me with much love and support. <3

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