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    Welcome to the Freestyle GunZ:
    The Best of All [1v1] [SGO] Tournament 2021

    Any off topic / troll comments will be removed.

    • Team Deathmatch with spawn switch ON for every round.

    • 1 vs 1 (32 Slots).

    • 25 rounds in total.

    • First participant to win 13 rounds will be considered as the winner and move onto the next round.

    • The final match follows a > best of 3 < approach: Each participant picks one map and both participants agree on the third map. The participants then play 25 rounds (first to win 13 rounds) on every map. The participant that wins 2 of the 3 maps wins the tournament.

    • Each round is required to have a 3 minute time limit.

    • The TOS / Rules & Regulations apply here.

    • A replay must be taken and sent to us (Dunkin or me), or both of the participants will be disqualified.

    • You are not allowed to have anyone else play the tournament for you (we will find out if you do so and disqualify you from this and future tournaments!).

    • Only staff members are allowed to spectate the match.

    • You are NOT allowed to use any 3rd party programs, cheats, hacks or macros. If you do, you will be disqualified and you will be banned from future tournaments and receive further punishment.

    • You can only register yourself (with only one character).

    • Both participants have to agree on a match time/date, if one participant shows up and the other participant does not, the participant who did not show up will be disqualified.

    • Lagging/spiking will not be tolerated. It'll cost you the match / lead to disqualification.

    • No excessive running or stalling on purpose.

    • Both participants must agree to pick one map from the following list:

    Battle Arena
    High Haven

    • You must use the following room mods/options:

    Vanilla Mode
    Limit Weapons: Shotguns Only
    Game Options: Team Spawn Switch: Every Round

    • Any non-donation shotguns & melee weapon, level 60 or below.

    • No avatars.

    • No items at all.

    • No donation/vip/event/tourney items/sets. This also includes cosmetics (accessories, and so on).

    Once you have completed your match against your opponent, you are required to take a screenshot of the final score (must be in-game) and a replay of the full match and send a private message to one of us (Dunkin or me) with the information using the following format:


    • Upload your replays to and your screenshots to

    • You must start recording from the beginning of the rounds to the end of the rounds, unless you have 1 recording for each round in order.

    • Providing a replay is essential, screenshots are not enough.

    The tournament will start as soon as all the spaces have been filled. We will post a reminder and you will have a week to complete your matches. Anyone who fails to complete their match within the week will be disqualified. Make sure you provide Dunkin or me with evidence if you had attempted to contact your opponent and they failed to show up.

    If you wish to participate, you must follow this format:

    • Make sure to read and follow the Tournament Rules.

    If you fail to complete your match within the week you will be disqualified. If your opponents fail to show up or you are having problems contacting them, make sure to PM Dunkin or me providing proof shows that you had attempted to contact your opponents but they failed to show up.

    500 Coins


    Original, Red or Green [S] Tournament Shotgun

    300 Coins

    200 Coins


    The tournament will begin as soon as all spots are filled!
    If you have any questions, feel free to PM Dunkin or me.

    We wish you all good luck & hope you all enjoy the tournament!
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