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    Here is an interesting demo I made like 3 years ago about the absolute default keybindings and how it would look like. Only shame is that my webcam was 30fps.
    Thinking back at it, these keybinds are absolutely crazy, makes even simple half-steps or slash-shots difficult to accomplish - You can see how my fingers are reaching far, crossing and doing all kinds of weird patterns in-order to do the simplelest of k-style moves.

    1 - Sword
    2 - Gun
    3 - Gun2

    R - Reload
    Flip - Q
    Block - E

    Very, very bad binds. After like 10-13 years of playing with defaults I changed them, took me weeks of re-learning basic moves, reloadshotting, slashshots etc, but after a while I got used to them and now I can late-dash, blink, gdhs, dhs, you name it, I can probably pull it off. The moral of the story, bad binds hold you back from your true potential. If I used good binds from 2008, haha well, Its scary to think where I'd be in terms of movement.
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