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    Name: My name is Ali and they call me Team

    Age : 22

    Languages (Programming and/or other): It's been many years since I worked on JAVA-HTML-XML-PHOTOGRAPY-vpn-make servers I was a beginner in the ijji game and this event has been since 2007 and the thing was exciting Now we are in 2021, many years have passed and I have learned many things (languages : arabic - english )

    Skills / Experience: The skills and experience that I have was taught to me by my friend Aymn and really this man is unforgettable because in 2017, Ayman and I worked as a server named Aymn GunZ at the beginning, it was difficult, but with time I learned everything how to make weapons, how to transfer files, how to create a private site and how to do Vps and all Of things and others, these are my special skills

    Proof of work: I don't have enough pictures, but you can look at this link

    Is all proof of work your own work? YES ALL THIS MY WORK BROTHER 4 years ago I had all the proofs but now I don't have a lot of proofs because it deleted my files

    Closing: I am happy to join you developers with you brother Ali nicknamed Team I hope for your help and support .

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