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    IGN of reported player: event game (Revolver War)

    Reason: getting slapped for too early in the game (my ign: youqqmuch)

    please watch the replay. in the beginning, I was fighting kimi, since its was a revolver game, I gave myself some distance because Kimi was like rushing me. But he gave up halfway and went the other side, and didnt come back to attack me.
    So I was reloading and ready to move forward, and while doing so, I was contemplating between left or right and I decided to move to the right of the map and going in to join the fight, where Kimi was nearby while im going to the right side of the map and about to start fighting.. but i got slapped halfway... everyone else was still alive when i got slapped. i didnt manage to even play the round..

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    As I already told you in-game, you were camping. It's true that once y'all got respawned, you were fighting KimiTauz, but later you went to camp in the corner and reload. Along the entire path in front of you, nobody was close to you and you could keep tumbling/walking/dashing forwards while reloading, but you decided not to do so. However, you decided to stay in the blue base zone and kept potting on the wall while one of your opponents came forwards. You gained an advantage by staying there which is unfair. If the opponent wasn't coming forward, you would've stayed there which would make it more unfair.

    My decision is not to give you an event point for that and I believe I made the right decision.
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    We've kept this open for 24 hours in case you have something to say but it doesn't look that way. I've watched the replay myself and it does look like you were stalling the round but I personally believe you didn't do it on purpose. You were reloading without moving in the corner and then you were moving slowly and taking your time by thinking to which direction you should go while everyone else were fighting in the middle so I believe the decision is fair even though you weren't doing it on purpose, stalling is stalling.

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