9-6-2021 FGunZ (fgunz.net) Gladiator+Vanilla mods in a duel room on DBZ Custom map.

Today I booted up FGunZ and started a gladiator room in battle arena, before I knew it the room was at like 20/32 capacity and a complete mad house. People started calling for a duel room, I decided it was time to bringing it back to the DBZ duel after a few months. My first few fights were a massive pop off and then I fizzle out pretty hard and can't get any kills until the end of the upload. That being said I feel like this room had an abundance of skilled players and extremely close fights that kept me entertained when I was spectating. Seems like my keyboard is having some weird lag and catch up problem lately as well.


If you were not listed here but were present in the video, sorry about that and let me know