Suggestion type: FGunz Game Mode

Description: TDM/DM Extreme Damage

We already have an Extreme game mode which takes HP/AP to 200% but I'd think a game mode with the below modifiers would be quite interesting:

- 1000 HP / 1000 AP (Or more)
- No meds
- No spawns
- No flips
- 1 Round - then map swap (Optional)
- Unlimited ammo (reload still required)
- XP based on damage done as well as kills
- Shottys only (optional)

It would provide a game mode with more substance than a standard TDM/DM. Kiting and baiting would be more strategic and it would put more emphasis on output of damage rather than stringing kills together. Id like to see the leader board based on the amount of damage done rather than kills. Team strategy would change drastically as I could see a strategy with 1-2 players baiting the other team or player(s) into an ambush. You would even see "scouts" keeping distance but identifing opponent team/player(s) locations and reporting to their team to organise an attack.

Flips should be excluded as it will take away from the core reason of the game mode where you could be killed quite quickly.

No meds & spawns - your HP/AP is what it is.

Just a thought - feedback is welcomed.