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+rep FGunz "GMs" are very corrupt and prone to power trips(not made up).


1. FGunz GM gets into argument with well established European Gladiator Shunpo and loses. The FG GM couldn't handle the embarrassment and went on a power trip to perma ban Shunpo to save face. Using the guise of perma ban over "3rd party server advertisement" when he just mentioned M2O.
Wtf. Did that really happen? Its literally a 100 player server, if you permaban people for such minor things then the server is just going to die off.

And the whole rule about not mentioning other servers is a bit stupid overall, its such a small game that players naturally scrim multiple servers, so if someone is like "i 11-0 player X on ***" that shouldn't be punishable at all, but if someones like "yo dude come join ****.com its way better than fgunz" that should be punishable because:

In the first example the player just said which server he beat the opponent on for context which is necessary on multiple occasions of ingame chatting between players (totally ok and not advertising)

In the second example the player made a direct statement how another server was better, a statement of how fgunz was worse AND also gave a link/name which IS advertising.

The difference is direct advertising VS namedropping for context.

The times have changed to a point where even the second example doesn't deserve a permaban, becos of very low playerbase and considering people say stupid shit on emotions, then they realize FG is actually the best server and come crawling back :-dd