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    I played in iGunZ starting in 2006, I played the game from the moment i got home from school until very early hours of the morning everyday, for years. I was in Sk, Steve and Panties in iGunZ. I played ijji as well. I joined up with Ocean. I played with a handful of other clans as well. I continued to play for a few years after that. But I am now back from an almost decade break from this beautiful game. There really isnt another game like it. dont think there ever will be, so here I am. Bebop is just my attempt to gather up some new friends to play with. Ill be pretty active. its been fun just running all the old quests but id like to get enough people together to run some good tdm. im a Cowboy Bebop fan. The Bebop is the name of the ship that Spike and Jet live on in the anime. I thought it was a fitting name for a last effort home for the OGs of this game. Clan is open to anyone that wants to join, but i do hope all members played igunz or ijji. the good old days.

    If you want to join. Comment. We can meet up in game and play together. I look forward to meeting some new friends and maybe even old friends. lets make Bebop an active group so we can play tdm and some good old atk and def

    Since 2006



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