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    Suggestion description: As we all know, people don't really play Duel Tournament. It used to be a thing in the past but nowadays it's simply kinda boring. In my opinion, we need to make a change.

    1. Add more maps, now this goes to two options. The more simple solution is to add a few more maps like: Arena, Dojo, DBZ, Garden Small and X AirFights (Not sure about the last one). I personally would remove maps like Shower Room and Jail since you basically have to camp/pot but maybe others enjoy playing there.

    The second option, which I personally like it more, is to add cw maps. The only small cw map you could add is Factory, in the other maps one of the players can hide/run and it will take forever to finish that match. So I was thinking, you could take these cw maps and make a small version of them, just the middle area just like you did to Prison (Jail) and Garden (Garden Small). Then you can take literally every cw map (except of stairway and station) and make a small version of them. Not sure if its worth the effort but it could be more fun.

    2. Not sure if people gonna support it, but you could add a map voting system just like in cw, that way we'll be able to pick the map.

    3. Haven't thought about it but maybe we can think about another reward except of the swords logo we get near our name when we click Tab. I'm not thinking about giving more coins but perhaps something that will be worth enough to play DT in order to receive it.

    4. Not sure if its on purpose or not, but we receive 4 points for winning a match of 2 players and we also receive 4 points for winning a match of 4 players, haven't tested a 8 players match but I assume it's the same. It makes no sense to receive the same amount of points for all of the matches.

    In order to win a match of 2 players - you must win 2 rounds, so the maximum rounds is 3 (in case you lose once).
    In order to win a match of 4 players - you must win 2 rounds against 2 different players, so the minimum is 4 rounds and the maximum is 6 rounds (in case you lose once against each player). Therefore, we should receive more points for winning a match of 4 players and even more points for winning a match of 8 players.
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