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    Pleas see this Thread. ==>

    IGN of reported player:


    Ok so Cause Tomas thinks i'm wrong here. Please check the replay


    •Straight to the point of each flawed statement you mentioned.
    You will need a REPLAY (taken by F11 key) to show you were being killed multiple times or "constantly" as you claim. According to the provided screenshots, you were killed only once and it doesn't look like he was shooting you while he was inside the wall if so.

    ---- Replay provided, by F11. I was killed more than once, infact after this report the ET calling me a 'snitch' ? do you not have any view about the ET calling me a 'snitch'. Why do you ignore stuff i type? please clarify each point i make smh.

    • If you were super annoyed as you describe, you could've simply asked them to stop shooting you. Why didn't you bother to message the official game moderator who was present in the room (aka ^1TonySoprano)? Another question, why don't you bother collecting sufficient proof in order to make a normal report and base your claims?

    --- This is not about being super annoyed, the user is abusing and you know it. If you read my 1st report, I told you the gm said 'chill' Aka Tony. Who gave fk all? so I told him to tell the trial to stop, so why are you claiming i didn't bother telling him? If its a staff report why dont the staff admit what they are doing? why do i need to go extra margin to stop someone from abusing which they clearly are? why are even hiring such people as trials? cause they belong to SMILE clan? lol

    • This all leads me to the question asking why do you even bother to create another staff report full of flaws if you simply do not have a valid point or solid proof AND how is it different from your past staff reports which didn't have a point either? I genuinely wonder why couldn't you simply ask them to stop after being killed once, just like everyone else does when players start shooting others through walls in the map.

    ---- I dont report for jokes, this staff is bothering me so i reported relax geez. I have a valid point and now provided solid proof. I've the trial to simply stop shooting through the walls but the trail did not hesitate to continue shooting through the wall even after report as mentioned above lol. Do you even research before concluding the report? thats not the way to handle a report smh.

    Next time leave the thread open so I can add the evidence and correct your false concluding statements you've made. should've let someone else handle this smh, why smile clan member? ITs funny how you're here on forums ready to reply to my report but not in-game to handle the trial from abusing even after my /staff x3 call out. Sad rlly.

    Proof/Evidence: - asked him to stop. Calling me a 'snitch'.

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    I've watched the whole replay and I still don't understand why you're reporting Champloo.

    We both talked to TonySoprano and champloo and they both confirmed it was Tony who summoned Champloo inside the wall, nothing is wrong with that since there's "AA" in the room title. I saw Champloo killing you a few times while he was inside the wall, sometimes he went out and then went back in by using the /tp command which is not power abuse since there's TP mode in that specific room. You did ask him to stop killing you but he is not required to stop.

    Let's imagine another situation - let's say Tony summoned a normal user inside the wall and that user killed you non-stop while he's being inside the wall, can you report the user for abusing his powers? Of course not since he didn't teleport himself inside the wall. Does the user have to stop killing you or anyone else in that room? Nope. In that specific situation, Champloo was just like a normal user, sure it would be nice of him to stop killing you but he doesn't have to stop if doesn't want to.

    Now, let's talk about another situation. You know how people using that glitch in Island where they go inside the wall just to kill others? I know you know it since I've seen you doing it a few times, even in normal training rooms it is allowed to go inside the wall by using that glitch and it is allowed to kill other users while you're being inside the wall, and you don't have to stop even when people ask you to stop.

    There was no power abuse, Tony is allowed to put anyone inside the walls in AA rooms and all Champloo did was killing you with normal weapons, not even admin weapons. Do not make another report about this situation.


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