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    Disclaimer; never coded gunz or looked into things that much other than from a gm/et perspective so i'm unsure if these would actually be plausible suggestions

    A.) Make clan war activity more prevalent even in "casual games" as well as the lobby to at least alert people that clan wars are currently going on. While this does take up space in the text box, does anyone actually care? Same thing happens with clan & duel streaks & streaks ending (which were viewed as competitive before). This doesn't completely remove the incentive to ask people to CW in pubs, but it's possibly a nice fix.

    B.) There should be an incentive to cw during "peak hours" or at least a certain day of the week. IE whatever time is deemed to usually recieve the most players across EU/NA timezones; a (hopefully automated) announcement would go off telling players that they'll recieve 2x EXP/activity points/cw points (or whatever else you could think of?) during those hours/that day.

    C.) Either the MOST ACTIVE CW PLAYERS or the entire clan recieves a special limited Jjang & dash color based on their placement in the weekly CW rankings. I don't think it should be a massive jjang since they can mess w aim but at least something nice that looks better than mine for bragging rights . Another suggestion would be to create icons similar to the duel channel icon that's given to players of the top ranking clans weekly.

    Also would definitely recommend a limited sword specifically for the #1 clan's CW participants that week, was thinking it could just be cosmetic & have similar stats to donor sword but do what you want. not sure if giving top players better stats on items would be good since its easier for them to keep but idc enough.

    D.) A clan war points shop; actively cwing earns you points where you can buy things from a CW shop. Actively cwing during a peak hour/day doubles these points. Streaking/breaking a streak could also give x2 points (unsure if it could be abused.) I don't know what you'd put in here but i'm sure you guys could come up with something.


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    Suggestion A. Please no. I don't wanna see it. Or have a option to turn it off. Regardless this won't have impact on it, cus ppl jus wanna garden tdm.

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    For jjangs it shouldn't be hard since we can add an expire date to it, so I like that idea.

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