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    Yes we need this fgunz is getting boring

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    I'm confused.
    Why keep suggesting "Among Us" type of game-modes/events when we all got Assassination game-mode for years & nobody's using it? What about modifying it so it can be more playable and enjoyable?

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    Originally Posted by VAVA View Post
    Suggestion type:

    Suggestion description:

    If this was suggested delete this post, please. But I guess murder (imposter) gamemode would be fun to play in Fgunz.

    Every round one player is selected as being murder/imposter and one player is selected that has a gun.
    Murder's goal is to kill all players before they find out who is the murderer and kill him with a gun (this is from Gmod rather than from Among us with the kick system) before the time runs out.
    Meanwhile the rest of the players have a hunger level and they have to look for food to avoid dying. Food is spawned randomly in map in certain intervals so players have to look for it and cannot stay together all the time, because food spawn only lasts for x amount of time and if players are in one place they wont be able to sustain the whole team if sticking together. And if they wont find food they die and murder wins.
    Murder has a dagger that can one hit players.
    Dead players leave a trace (well I don't know about gunz capabilities, but I guess it's possible to spawn a prop that would indicate a dead player like ammo is spawned when ammo drop is enabled).
    Dead player is instantly muted from chat and whisper and put into spectate mod of alive players.
    Murder can also pretend to be collecting food, but he does not have to.
    That sounds pretty cool honestly and I agree it's more like GMod's Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) than Among Us. I believe that everyone should have a gun, because if only one person has a gun and that person is killed by the Traitor, there's nothing the others could do. What I remember from TTT everyone has a gun, but there's 1 detective with special items/skills.

    This mode sounds pretty doable in relatively short time and it could surely be fun. On the other hand we already have modes like Spymode that are never played.

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    I think it could go both ways depending on communication. These kind of games are rarely any fun when it's just communication through text so I think it would be just another dead mode if that is the case. If everyone has a gun like TTT then might just be a lot of trolls or people who just sus someone immediately and shoots them.

    Games like these works very well with friends with voice chat. So if that's something clans or w/e would be considering doing then I think it could be really nice. But a public lobby of this with no VC will probably end with disaster imo.

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