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    I know its been suggested many times and it indeed got deny all those times for the sole reason of people wanted it for cw and probably using as an advantage! However , the only reason im suggesting this again, is just for casual play, specifically just normal rooms in the "Main Lobby". I ask this because I personally like watching people play gunz while I work or just to spectate duel rooms , tdm or private rooms while I eat or someshit .

    Now I know you can still fight against it saying that ppl can still use this as an advantage again. So my counter arguement is just to set it as a setting in the room settings or Custom Game option where you can allow people to specrate or not. Heck theres even a lovely space for it

    And idk maybe for VIP give them access to be able to spectate any room regardless of the option being on or off? Who knows im just sprouting ideas at this point.

    In all honestly, I just would like to spectate game rooms just to chill instead of having to rejoin constantly.
    What are yall thoughts on this?

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