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    I think the spots that have been chosen are a bit odd. They've been placed in high traffic areas rather than off to the side. This is forcing a lot of players to accidentaly pick these items up while they're in a fight. While that may be a bit entertaining and kind of changes up the playstyle a bit, I think a lot of players would agree that the locations of the weapon spawns might be better if they're in less populated areas of the maps.

    If players are ok with the positioning of the spawns, then maybe we can implement an option to be able to pickup the weapon or not. Rather than running into them on accident when we're fighting, chasing, running, let us be able to choose to pick up the weapon or not. Maybe others can voice their opinion on how they would choose to be able to pick them up (right click, double tapping a key, etc)

    Also I'd like to see the weapons that spawn be randomized rather than having the same guns in the same spots every round.

    And lastly I think the weapons spawn in a bit too fast. I know GunZ is a fast paced game but I've found myself picking up items before any fights have begun. Maybe add an extra ten seconds to the spawn timer?
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