So I've recently come back to FGunZ and I know that the there's been a major rehaul of the item/weapon systems so that there are different types (L/S/H/SH/SSH) but I've noticed that some of my donation items are missing from the account as a whole. Most of the items stayed on the account, either on the character or the storage but some are missing entirely. I'm hoping to have them reinstated to my account because I didn't lose them any other way I could possibly think of, they weren't lucky box items either, I just came back and they weren't there and I did donate for the purpose of supporting the server and purchasing them.

The list of items missing and the dates I purchased them:

2014-09-08 Mayuri Shotgun
2014-04-18 Pony Shotgun
2014-03-25 Gold Desert Eagles
2013-05-11 Black Infinity
2013-05-11 Black Infinity II

Let me know if you need any other addition information regarding the matter.

Thanks for your time,