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    create limit per player for how many mines they're allowed to have active within a map in non team based modes. (8 is max in bounty mag, 10 max in donor mag with mines equipped both item slot). placing mines when you're above max mine capacity should remove older mines.

    mine isn't problem in TDM because every player has x placeable per round; yet modes without teams (deathmatch) almost every part of map can be covered by mines by 1-2 player. mansion deathmatch typically have mines in every doorway, and if you're in basement you are trapped unless you purposely die. they're typically on all hp/ap/ammo spawns, doorways, corners, and chokepoints; which is okay & how they should be used. but i think it's annoying when all these parts of the map are inaccessible due to one player having complete control over the map.

    can care less for dying to clear mines in a deathmatch mode bc idc KDA, but it is uninteractive to have to kill yourself just to get out from part of the map because there's no limit to how many mines a player is allowed to have active in a game mode without rounds.

    players tend to get frustrated & try to kick the miner in these modes because it's simply not fun to play against.
    i think mines are ok on their own; they just get out of control fast in these modes & become overtedious to play around in a fast paced game.


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