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    Originally Posted by Desecration View Post
    Pointless. We already have archetype and archetype 2.... If that doesn't help you then thats on you. Some shooter standards make sense to add to an old game like GunZ.... But enemy highlight isn't one of them.

    If you take a look at the "others" (as seen through various youtube videos) that have given in and added this highlight feature, you can see just how tacky it makes the game look.
    I see this as being a better addition to the game than archetypes. This is because any archetype makes this game look as old as it really is (2003), and thats not what we're striving towards. If the implementation of this feature is not as hard, it can enable players to continue not using archetype, enable lightmaps, and not be hugely disadvantaged just because someone decided to wear white clothing, which are free for all to use.

    Originally Posted by Saiyan View Post
    To be fair, archetype already give you an advantage over people who are playing with full graphics. Enhancing this even further seems a bit too much to me. Yes, it might be handy for bigger rooms and what not, but in clan war this needs to be disabled. White sets (yes, super annoying) IS a strategy... the visability is pretty decent already. In valorant, players seem to blend in much better in the environment, so it makes sense in a game like Valorant. No support.

    I don't personally agree that blending clothing should be a valid strategy to make yourself harder to aim in a game like Gunz. In this game, your movement is what makes you hard to aim, and not what you look like.

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