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Forum/FGunZ/Other: Fgunz

Suggestion description:
One potential addition that could enhance the overall experience of Freestyle Gunz is the implementation of a spectator mode for clan wars. Spectator mode would allow players to watch clan wars between two opposing teams without participating, thereby increasing the level of engagement and entertainment for the player base.

In this proposed spectator mode, it is recommended that chat functionality be disabled for all spectators in order to prevent any potential cheating or disruption of the gameplay. Furthermore, all spectators should be muted to ensure that they are not able to communicate with the players currently participating in the clan war.

The benefits of implementing spectator mode in FG are numerous. Not only does it provide a new form of entertainment for players, but it also allows spectators to learn new strategies and techniques from the more experienced players. Additionally, it can serve as a means of showcasing the skills and abilities of the players involved in the clan war to a wider audience, potentially increasing interest in the game's clan war mode and encouraging more people to participate.

Overall, the implementation of a spectator mode in FG has the potential to enhance the overall experience of the game and increase engagement among players. By disabling chat functionality and muting all spectators, the developers can ensure a fair and unbiased viewing experience for everyone involved.