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    Forgive me if this is the wrong section or should be broken into multiple threads, but I thought it best to compile these QOL fixes here. A couple might not necessarily be "bugs".

    Flash Nades
    There is currently a bug where staring directly at a flash nade (while standing close to it) results in barely being blinded

    Floating after Flip / Displacement
    This bug has been around for a while. Spamming slash shortly before landing from a flip or displacement (like mines) results in the character floating above the ground, essentially stunned.

    Inability to Spectate with HP
    This seems to be relatively new - if you die with HP, you cannot spectate.

    TNT Explosions not showing in Spectate Mode
    TNT explosions do not show after death or in spectate mode. Also, sometimes TNT countdown numbers do not show (such as in the water).

    More of a QOL suggestion - inability to equip an entire loadout should result in equipping as much of the loadout as possible. The current error message can stay the same. This way, if a sword cannot be equipped due to a level restriction, at least the rest of the loadout will be equipped.

    Massive Damage
    Currently, massive damage changes based on how far from the center of the massive the enemy is when hit. I'm not sure when this was changed, but I don't think it's intentional. Massive damage should be consistent, as it always used to be.

    Random Block Animations
    This is a relatively new bug where your character randomly blocks, usually at the start of a round or sometimes even during a fight. Seems to be more likely to occur if you hold block before k-styling. Perhaps the game somehow registers an old block button press a bit later? I'm not sure.

    SUSHI ROLLS aka Triangle Seaweed Meds
    For some reason these did not get the buff that other food meds in the bounty shop got. They only heal like 8hp/8ap, instead of 15/15. Please fix!!!! Would love to use these!

    Would love to get some feedback on these~
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