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    Originally Posted by SunRui View Post
    i think it's okay for a weapon that animation locks you in place to not have any buffs and have a clear tradeoff for speed instead of damage no matter how minor

    another thing is these in combination with the already stupid 11/12 dmg shotguns is just very fun to play against
    In regards to animation locking - this is not an excuse for the dagger to do 0 damage. The trade-off of damage for speed is still important, which is why I said it should be closer to 1/3rd a regular dagger.

    The danger in animation locking someone with repeated stabs is vulnerability. You can be recoiled, blocked, massived (which has a longer range than the dagger btw). Not to mention you're doing minuscule damage and opening yourself up to the enemy team.

    Also - animation locking someone with stabs itself, as stated in this thread, does futile damage on its own.
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